SecPoint Technology

This includes Wifi Security Auditing, UTM Software

Image and Vulnerability Scanning  VMware Software Image SecPoint offers IT Security Products that helps customers to eliminate cyber threats.

The Protector UTM VMware Image

Help you to protect your network. It comes with Anti Spam with Grey listing, Anti Virus, Content Filter, Web Filter, Web Proxy and Intrusion Prevention functionality.
It is very user friendly to install and just maintains it self after installed.
Cloud UTM Unified Threat Management. The Portable Penetrator Wifi Security Testing VMware Image;help you to secure your Wifi networks and do complete scanning of your networks in a portable solution.

It comes with a user friendly highly interface and very advanced security tools. 
You can connect to a wifi network or with a network cable.
When connected you simple click to identify all ip addresses and it will scan it all for vulnerabilities. 
Afterwards it presents a professional PDF report that gives an executive summary for the non technical and the second part of the PDF report
is very detailed technical output so the vulnerabilities can be quickly fixed.
Further more you can do full Wifi security testing. Crack WEP, WPA and WPA2 encrypted networks.
It has more than 50 language dictionary files and you can also do brute forcing.
WAS Web Application Scanning

The Penetrator Pen Testing Vulnerability Scanner

- is a fully loaded Penetration Testing VMware Software Image. I can do automated vulnerability scanning and vulnerability assessment. Via the schedule scanning ti can automatically scan the IP addresses.
It can scan both internal or external IP addresses. When the scanning has finished it will produce professional made PDF files with an executive summary and a detailed
Technical output.
The customer can via the Executive summary quickly get an overview of the found vulnerabiliites and via the technical output fix the vulnerabilities. 
Vulnerability Scanning - Vulnerability Assessment.

Portable Penetrator - WiFi Cracking
Protector - UTM Anti Spam
Cloud Penetrator - Vulnerability Scanning