Collection: SecPoint Protector - UTM Firewall VPN Appliance Renewal

SecPoint® Protector™ Firewall Security VPN Appliance Renewal

The renewal for your SecPoint Protector™ UTM Virtual or Hardware appliance includes
  •  Monthly to quarterly new Firmware updates
  •  Daily database updates
  •  24 hour ticket support
  •  Live Chat support
  •  Block Web Shells
  •  Vulnerability Scanning

SecPoint® Protector™ Brochure

SecPoint® Protector™ Datasheet

Including new functionality for Firewall, VPN Virtual Private Network, Best Anti Spam filtering.

Anti Virus security scanning
Web Filtering with Microsoft Active Directory support.

Get the same usernames that you already deploy in your network on active directory for VPN, 64 Bit High Performance Web Filtering, and Anti spam individual user quarantine.
Daily quarantine email with list of all mails that was captured in the quarantine.

Intrusion Prevention with 0 day protection.

Support is included as well that allows for remote connection and live chat.
If you have any problem you can get fast support and help.

Some major aspects!


A high tech intrusion prevention system is installed which makes it an excellent safeguard against cyber crime.


Proactive security and deep protocol inspection is also a part of such appliances.


The vulnerability manager present in this appliance happens to be very good at managing the various loop holes of the network security.


Newsletter filtering is also present and this can be thoroughly helpful as well.


Anti-virus programs are present which prevents any unwanted virus from stealthily making its way into the system.


User authentication is also possible now and nicely active directory integration is one attractive feature too.


URL filtering is also a main aspect of this appliance and filtering inside the encrypted TLS connections is also a great feature.

Workstation protection is also provided which makes this appliance one great one.


Active directory integration is also a great element which is present here.
These appliances are usually are midrange and have been designed in order to provide a great amount of optimal balance between a lot of protection and performance. This is excellent for all sorts of environments. Whether a solution is required for a very small office or for a huge business, this appliance can be used for both of these. These appliances are also designed for the protection of enterprise networks which happen to be very challenging. They have been specifically designed to be highly reliable and for scalability as well. High availability is also present.

The software usually is selfbooting and are also bundled in the form of a single image for very easy development on the hardware that you choose.

The user also has the freedom to alter or even upgrade the hardware that underlies this.
Often unified threat management is also a part of such appliances and can work in many of the KVM virtual environments. A step by step and convenient deployment of each and every security deployment allows a safe migration route into an entirely virtualized atmosphere.

The software can be very easily downloaded and run. Hardware do not have to be waited for. Your network needs you to protect it as it is sensitive and is prone to being attacked very easily. The interface is also very user friendly and the interface has excellent management too. The corporate network can be protected too. High performance ISP is also provided. This high performance is unlimited.