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SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ WiFi Cyber Security Software Renewals

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Yearly Renewals for the SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ Cyber Security WiFi Password Recovery Software. The software renewals includes daily updates of the vulnerability scanning database, ticket and live chat support. The subscription also includes access to the VIP Lounge, Live Chat.

Update to the latest firmware that gives you the latest features and functionality.
For more questions please mail or live chat us. Windows 7 Windows 8.1,Windows 10, Windows 11 and Mac OS X software.
The Light version of the SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ Cyber Security software only allows WiFi penetration Testing.
The full version also comes fully loaded with the Vulnerability Scanning, Vulnerability Assessment and 10 scanning profiles module.

SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ Brochure

SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ Datasheet


  • Break WiFi WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS
  • Vulnerability Assessment Scanning
  • Real Exploits, DoS, Command Execution
  •  Communicate with the available WiFi
  •  Find hidden SSIDs Names
  •  VMWare Virtual Machine Support.
  •  Wireless Password Assessment Tool
  •  Easy to use WPS cracker WPA2
  •  Alfa AWUS036h is recommended for wifi
  • Light or Full version software renewals.
  • Full version has Vulnerability Scanning and more.