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Best Cyber Security USB Adapters for WiFi Penetratoin Testing

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What is a WiFi Antenna? 

The process of wireless networking involves sending of radio transmissions running certain frequencies which can be interpreted by listening devices. The necessary transmitters & receivers are usually built into the WiFi enabled devices such as laptops, routers and mobile phones. WiFi antennas are important elements of the radio comm systems which pick up incoming and outgoing signals and/or radiating signal outgoing wireless signals. Some of the WiFi antennas especially those installed on routers can be installed externally whereas others are installed inside the device’s hardware inclusion.

Understanding Antenna’s Range

The wifi device’s connection range depends largely upon its antenna power gain. It is basically a numeric amount which is shown in decibels (db). The term gain means the extreme effectiveness of the antenna in comparison to the standard reference WiFi antenna. Usually, manufacturers utilize any one of the 2 different standards while quoting the increase measures for WiFi communication antennas.
Measured in: dBi comparative to the isotropic ref antenna
dBd comparative to a strong dipole ref antenna
A majority of WiFi antennas utilize dBi as the standard measure instead of dBd. If the value of Gain is high then it indicates that the wireless antenna is capable of functioning at higher and stronger levels of signal power. This therefore, results in better and more large range area.

Omnidirectional WiFi Antennas

There are radio antennas available which are designed for working with radio signals to and from any and every direction. These kinds of antennas are popular on WiFi hardware routers and or mobile wifi adapters because these devices need to support connections that emerge from different directions.

Directional Powerful WiFi Antennas

It must be noted that the signal of a a strong powerful omnidirectional WiFi antenna should range up to 360degrees and its Gain is normally lower than the alternative directional WiFi antennas. Directional WiFi antennas focus their energy or power coverage in the direction.  
Typically, Directional WiFi antennas are used for extending the coverage range when doing a WiFi network into those sides of a building or locations that are hard to detect. This normally happens when 360degree coverage for communication is not required.


This system involves using two different wireless points. This can also be understood as building to building connections. However, some exceptions to these rules exist. Such as, the access point is around a wide valley and the system’s owner wishes to exchange the connection with multiple users residing at the other side. This can be termed as using a Multi-Point system through Directional WiFi antennas.

Point to Multi-Point

This system is used for sharing a WLAN or High Speed internet connection within your home or the neighbors. This networking system can be used for WAP such as at coffee shops, airports, truck stops and RV parks.

Improving WiFi Antennas

Networking issues related to WiFi regarding weak WiFi signal strength usually is solved via installing the updated WiFi antennas on found equipment. Organizational networks generally perform a thorough survey to record the wireless signal strength to and from the office buildings. It is also possible to strategically install new WiFi access points wherever required. Upgrading the wireless antennas can be easier and cost saving option for fixing the signal problems especially on home WiFi networks.

WiFi Antennas and Signal Enhancing

You can increase the connection range to your wireless device by installing the aftermarket units radio on the hardware. However, since the radio antennas just concentrate and redirects signals, therefore, the range when connecting to any wifi device is limited. This rule is with respect to the signal power of the radio transmitter device instead of the antenna. Due to these reasons, the signal boosting ability of a wireless network is at time very important. It is usually accomplished via adding several repeater units which augment & relay radio signals at middle points in distance to the network connections.

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