Get Wi-Fi WEP crackers for your network

Get Wi-Fi WEP crackers for your network

h1> The importance of cracking your WPA or your WEP network that can be one thing that are two-fold. It is possible for you to take your time and get around your network for one reason or the other. Others can think of it as cracking your network, while you can also do this in order to audit your security protocol and determine whether or not your security is up to par with what you expect so far. There are security systems in place that can help you determine which the best means of protecting yourself is, and all of these are aimed at ensuring that you have one of the best internet experiences so far.

Wireless Key

The key crackers are important because they can help you out of a situation especially when you are not privy to your installed wireless key. There are a number of scenarios where you might lose your key and need to have it back. It is for this purpose that one would need to use the key crackers. When your network is compromised in one way or the other, you will also need to get these crackers to help you gain back control. Perhaps one of the best alternatives for you so far is to consider using Portable Penetrator because this is one of the most effective programs available so far. When you have Portable Penetrator, there is not much that you cannot do with regards to securing your network.


By cracking your WEP and WPA2 keys, you will be in a setup position to find out how secure you are, and at the same time also be in a position to seal any loopholes in your network security. It is also important to remember that WEP is a fairly weaker encryption system as compared to WPA2, and for that reason you should set your encryption standards carefully. In most cases the network breaches can always be easily prevented when we are keen and take the necessary precautions. Besides that, try not to give out your network password to anyone who asks for it. Keep this among a few privileged persons.

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