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SecPoint® Protector™ - Best UTM Network Next Gen Firewall

Full Cyber Security Network Protection for your entire network.
SecPoint® Protector™ is a Next Generation Advanced Firewall.

It can help to protect your entire network to block and prevent attacks coming in to the network.
Key Features of the Protector Cyber Security Firewall

The SecPoint® Protector™ Next Generation Cyber Security Firewall is available as 1U Rack appliances.
Small Form Factor (SFF) boxes or as Virtual Software.

SecPoint® Protector™ Best UTM Firewall features:
  • Block 23+ Applications
  • Block Undesired countries
  • Block 640+ Million Toxic IP Addresses
  • Full Data Privacy Menu
  • Precision Anti Spam with low false positives
  • Best Anti Virus support for Eset & ClamAV
  • MS Active Directory AD, Linux LDAP Support Anti Spam users & Web Filtering users.
  • Web Filtering with Group Policy
  • High Speed VPN
  • IPS Block Exploits & Ransomware
  • Userfriendly GUI easy to setup
  • Web filtering to easily control which websites are allowed.
  • Powerful high speed Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
  • High Speed SSD Solid State Drive included
  • State of the Art Cyber Security
  • Alert Center For Fast Notifications
  • Full Mail Archive
  • User friendly Wizard step by step installation

    State of the Cyber Security
    Best Anti Spam Technology with low false positives.
    Easy integration with Microsoft/Linux Environments.
    Multiple Anti Virus Engines.
    Web Filter capability control which websites are allowed.
    Group Management for easy large control.
    User management via LDAP Active Directory.
    User friendly plug and play complete UTM Firewall VPN.
    Web Filtering allows to block social media and optimizee the productivity of users on the network.
    It comes with Microsoft(R) Active Directory and LDAP Support.
    Powerful IPS system to block popular attacks such as for SCADA systems.
    2FA authentication supported. Google Authenticator for increased security protection.

    That way you can use the same usernames and passwords for the web filtering that you already have.

    The anti spam individual user quarantine also sync with Active Directory so you can have the same user names.

    Available as a hardware appliance or virtual VMware ESXI, Microsoft Hyper-V.

    Ransomware protection prevent an outbreak.

    Protect your whole network with the SecPoint® Protector™ UTM Firewall VPN appliance.

    Secure your whole network, easy to deploy, user friendly GUI interface and live chat included.

    The ESXi or Hyper-V version of the Protector is a perfect fit to run virtual version.

    Full Microsoft Active Directory Support.

    You also get Best Anti Spam with easy user quarantine, Best Anti Spam, Web Filtering, Intrusion Prevention and content filtering.
    If you need support or help please live chat us.
    Utm firewall Appliance
    SecPoint® Protector Firewall VPN Appliance
    For 10 users and up to 1000 user

    10 Users Firewall Appliance (1 Year License)
    SecPoint® Protector Virtual Appliance
    From 10 to 1000 Users

    UTM VMware


    Complete SecPoint® Protector™ Network Security Firewall Appliance

    Firewall, Wireguard VPN, VPN tunneling, IPsec, PPTP.

    Hyper V Virtual Appliance.

    Incoming Outgoing Scanning.

    The SecPoint® Protector™ UTM VPN Firewall Supports:

    Full VPN support office to office or client to LAN.

    Time Based Web Filter.

    WiFi Defender.

    Full Mail Archiver.

    All Modules included 1 price.

    Intrusion Prevention IPS,

    Stores Incoming & Outgoing emails for backup and better scanning.
    Best Complete UTM with complete firewall capabilities.

    You must rely upon a credible and versatile system of protection for your networks. This is of integral importance simply because of the wide ranged threats ready to attack vulnerable networking systems. This appliance is available as a hardware device and also as virtual VMware ESXI, Microsoft Hyper-V, which enhances it compatibility and usability. Therefore, without thinking twice you must protect the entire network through this easy to deploy and user-friendly device. 

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