Collection: SecPoint® Protector - UTM Firewall VPN Virtual Appliance

SecPoint® ProtectorBest #1 Virtual Firewall UTM VPN Virtual Appliance

Secure your network from remote and local attacks.
Best Next Generation Cyber Security Firewall
The SecPoint® Protector™ can help you to get full network protection.
Virtual software Images for Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware Workstation, VMware ESXI


SecPoint® Protector™ Best UTM Firewall features:
  • Block 23+ Applications
  • Block Undesired countries
  • Block 640+ Million Toxic IP Addresses
  • Full Data Privacy Menu
  • Precision Anti Spam with low false positives
  • Best Anti Virus support for Eset & ClamAV
  • MS Active Directory AD, Linux LDAP Support Anti Spam users & Web Filtering users
  • SecPoint® RBL List
  • Web Filtering with Group Policy
  • High Speed VPN
  • IPS Block Exploits & Ransomware
  • Userfriendly GUI easy to setup
  • Web filtering to easily control which websites are allowed.
  • Powerful high speed Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
  • High Speed SSD Solid State Drive included
  • State of the Art Cyber Security
  • Alert Center For Fast Notifications
  • Full Mail Archive
  • User friendly Wizard step by step installation
  • Block Web Shells
  • Vulnerability Scanning

    The SecPoint
    ® Protector™ Firewall UTM Virtual Virtual Appliance you can with less technical skills deploy it on VMware or Hyper-V.

    Secure EU Software No Backdoors - No data collected

    • You can secure your whole network getting Firewall, VPN, Web Filtering, Intrusion Prevention.
    • Advanced Firewall Capability to easily block an entire country if under DoS attacks.
    • The userfriendly interface allows for setup with less technical skills or training required.

    SecPoint® Protector™ Brochure

    SecPoint® Protector™ Datasheet