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SecPoint® Penetrator™ Best Vulnerability Scanner

Best Vulnerability Scanner & Assessment Cyber Security Products.
The SecPoint® Penetrator™ Vulnerability Scanner can help to scan your internal and public systems for vulnerabilities.
Scan any Local or Public IP address for vulnerabilities.
Easily scan entire networks for Vulnerabilities and find out how vulnerable your systems are.

 Low Entry Cost from 219$ - 199 Euro
 No Backdoors - Full Privacy Menu
Best Cyber Security Vulnerability Scanner Software
SSL Vulnerabilities
CMS Vulnerabilities
SQL Injection Blind SQL Injection
Cross Site Scripting XSS
Command Execution
Firewall Vulnerabilities
Information disclosure vulnerabilities

It is easy to scan simple put in the site or IP ranges.
The reporting will show how to resolve the found vulnerabilities and how to reproduce them.
After you have fixed the vulnerabilities you can rescan to confirm they got resolved.

The SecPoint® Penetrator™ is available as virtual software appliance or a hardware appliance.

The best Vulnerability Scanner Cyber Security Software and Vulnerability Management Solution.

Run the software on your Windows, Linux or Apple OS X system. 

Google 2FA Two Factor Authentication.
Detect popular vulnerabilities used by Ransomware.
The Vulnerability Scan reports can be generated in different languages.

vulnerability scanning appliance

Vulnerability Assessment - Pen Testing

14+ Languages supported in the reporting:

It is also available for VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V.

No backdoors - No information being gathered - All data at customer location.

You can navigate the product categories in the left side menu.
Scan your Local and Public IPs for vulnerabilities.


Easily discover the vulnerabilities

The PDF reports comes with full recommended solutions to the found vulnerabilities.

Easy to Deploy the SecPoint® Penetrator™ Vulnerability Scanner and discover vulnerabilities a local or public network.

It comes in an appliance version or a virtual VMware, Hyper-V version.

Virtual Support.
There is a user friendly GUI interface where it is possible to scan your network, setup schedule scans.
vulnerability scanning appliance
       8 IP Vuln Scanning Appliance (1 Year License)

SecPoint® Penetrator™ complete vulnerability scanning
Penetration testing
Pen testing gives you complete network scanning.
You can automatically scan all the IP addresses on your network
Get full PDF reports with the vulnerability output
Recommended solutions on how to fix the vulnerabilities.
Pen testing appliance and or software

SecPoint® Penetrator™ vulnerability scanning appliance!

Every system in the world has to be protected and internet networks are no different. You must make sure that we protect all our internet networks and for this we must ensure that any loopholes and vulnerability is scanned so that it can be tackled. You must know that the prime aim of networks is to provide you with services that will allow you to carry out various activities.
Being cautious and careful against cyber criminals is very important and that is why such scanning appliances become important.
Both public and local IPs addresses must be scanned and your issues can be discovered very easily. A clean and clear picture of the various vulnerabilities will be presented and then the problems can be solved very easily. Your system can be protected and anything that can cause possible harm to your system will be coped with.

So what are these applications meant to do?

These appliances are focused on providing great amount of security and they also provide you with comprehensive and easily applicable solutions. These appliances also happen to be very user friendly and the security that these appliances provide also happens to be exceptional.
There are many different functions that these appliances will perform and here is a list of them:
  • The assessment of vulnerability plays a vital role in determining how good an appliance of this nature is. It is important because systems should be secure so that they can continue to provide the help that they are meant to.
  • Continuous updates must be made in order to ensure that no new unsafe loopholes have been created or found by these cyber criminals.
Some appliances are really simple and they can be plugged in by software and can be used instantly. You must understand however, that the setting of such appliances is similar to a breeze. You can simply commence the audit, name your scan uniquely and then identify the list of audits that can be scanned. There is also an option that can be chosen which involves the option that would enable the plug in and this may also cause a major denial of service and password breaks as well.
In order to help you with managing vulnerability assessment, audit templates can also be defined and options can be scanned as well. This allows you to scan options and various audits to be done at a specific time. If scans are run constantly or regularly, then any new vulnerability can be uncovered and then the results can be compared as well. This will help you understand what is causing the vulnerabilities and the solutions can be implemented better too. New attack surfaces will be presented of the environment of your network is not static.

The reports that are generated can be viewed in many different forms and the PDF format especially is very sorted and allows you to customize the report.
Many extra tools have been provided as well including the performance of brute force attacks on various password hashes along with zip files as well as network services. FTP and database servers are also a part of it. Missed security patches can also be located which can be of utmost aid and assistance as well.
Allowed to change IPs and no cost per scan. IP number means how many concurrent scans running.

SecPoint® Penetrator™ Cyber Security Software IP License explained

So if you got one with 64 IPs scan for – at a time .
It not need be IPs in a row you can choose which to scan.
Once they are done you can scan 64 other IPs.

You can also schedule to scan 128 at the first time and then it will just queue the remaining.

And once it finish some IPs it start others that are in the queue.
You are allowed to change the IPs as you want

When you have the SecPoint® Penetrator™ in your network you can setup scanning of IPs.
You can scan both Local and Public IP addresses.

The user friendly GUI interface allows you to easily setup scheduled vulnerability scans as well.

Once you use SecPoint® Penetrator™ to vulnerability scan your network and identify vulnerabilities you get PDF, html reporting with solutions.

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