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SecPoint® Protector - UTM Firewall VPN Virtual Appliance

SecPoint® ProtectorBest #1 Virtual Firewall UTM VPN Virtual Appliance

Secure your network from remote and local attacks.
Best Next Generation Cyber Security Firewall
The SecPoint® Protector™ can help you to get full network protection.
Virtual software Images for Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware Workstation, VMware ESXI


Firewall UTM Network Security.
High data privacy - No data collection
Powerful Anti Spam with low false positive rate.
3x Anti Virus Engine support.
Individual user quarantine.
Web Filtering.
Intrusion Prevention 64 bit High speed.
Content Filter.
Incoming and outgoing spam & virus scanning.
Microsoft Active Directory support.
Active Directory Support.
Wireguard VPN
Mail Archiver, VPN tunneling, IPsec.
Utm firewall Appliance

The SecPoint
® Protector™ Firewall UTM Virtual Virtual Appliance you can with less technical skills deploy it on VMware or Hyper-V.

Secure EU Software No Backdoors - No data collected

  • You can secure your whole network getting Firewall, VPN, Web Filtering, Intrusion Prevention.
  • Advanced Firewall Capability to easily block an entire country if under DoS attacks.
  • The userfriendly interface allows for setup with less technical skills or training required.

utm appliance SecPoint® Protector Virtual Appliance Brochure
utm appliance SecPoint® Protector™ Virtual Appliance Datasheet

Utm firewall Appliance

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