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SecPoint Protector P9 - 25 Users Virtual Firewall (3 Years License)

SecPoint Protector P9 - 25 Users Virtual Firewall (3 Years License)

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SecPoint® Protector™ UTM Network Virtual Appliance

SecPoint® Protector™ UTM Next Generation Firewall can help you to secure your entire network. It can block incoming and outgoing attacks. UPC: 633710372121 EAN: 0633710372121

SecPoint® Protector™ Best UTM Firewall features:

  • 120,000+ Vulnerability Checks
  • 1,400+ Web Shells Detection
  • Block 23+ Applications
  • Block Undesired countries
  • Block 640+ Million Toxic IP Addresses
  • Full Data Privacy Menu
  • Precision Anti Spam with low false positives
  • Best Anti Virus support for Eset & ClamAV
  • MS Active Directory AD, Linux LDAP Support for Anti Spam users and Web Filtering users
  • Web Filtering with Group Policy
  • SecPoint® RBL List
  • Easy scheduling of vulnerability scans
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP)
  • Whitelabeling

  • High Speed VPN
  • IPS Block Exploits & Ransomware
  • User friendly GUI easy to setup
  • Web filtering to easily control which websites are allowed
  • Powerful high speed Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
  • State of the Art Cyber Security
  • Alert Center For Fast Notifications
  • Full Mail Archive
  • User friendly Wizard step by step installation
  • Block Web Shells

    Complete UTM Firewall VPN Appliance

  • Web Filtering & Anti Spam with individual user quarantine login
  • Full Microsoft(R) Active Directory and LDAP Support
  • Easily integrate with your existing users with no setup required
  • Malware 0 Day Protection Quickly protect your entire connection. Shield all inbound and neighborhood threats. With the firewall software module you may manage incoming and outgoing web traffic. The Advanced Anti Spam component enabled you to have the most effective anti junk mail. It has personal user quarantine and incorporated completely with Microsoft Active Directory site. The web filtering permits complete web command. Virtual Image to download for VMware, ESXi, Player, Workstation or MS Hyper-V after choice. Best comprehensive Firewall Security system. Full modules support all functionality activated. The Build in Web Filter, Content Filter and Web Proxy gives you the ability to control all the content of your network. So if you do not want your users to visit Auction sites, Private Email, Social media such as Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube. You can also block P2P traffic so your users do not download illegal software. Firewall, VPN tunneling, IPsec, PPTP. All modules and support is included in the price. SecPoint® Protector™ Virtual UTM Firewall Appliance Your virtual servers need protection all the time as well as virtual infrastructure against all types of attacks that can be made on the network. They are meant to provide a degree of balance between utmost simplicity and security coupled with ease of use. The user interface which is web based is easily available in a browser and is known to provide great configuration of the various security of functions. The firewalls of such appliances are closely administered on extremely convenient management interface. Live error checking along with useful wizards is known to alter correctly and all configuration errors are also avoided.

    Professional UTM Firewall Software

    Supported platforms: VMware Player/Workstation, ESXi, Hyper-V or Raw Linux ISO. SecPoint® Protector™ Brochure SecPoint® Protector™ Datasheet
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