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Protector - UTM Firewall VPN Appliance

Ultimate All in one Network Security Firewall

Firewall VPN UTM Appliance
No data collection of sensitive data.

When you deploy the Protector UTM IT Security VPN Appliance you get full security.

You can easily setup firewall policies to protect the network.
You also get Intrusion Prevention, Content Filtering, Web Filtering and live chat support.
There is an easy to configure GUI interface.

Utm firewall Appliance  
  • Strong Firewall Next Gen
  • Advanced Anti Spam with User Qurantine
  • Stores all mails that are coming in and out of the network
  • Up to 3x Virus Scanning engines:
  • Vulnerability Scanning Included for local networks
  • VPN Lan to Lan and client to Lan networks.

Protector™ - Network VPN Security Firewall Appliance

Protector Unified Threat Management UTM firewall network security.

Firewall, VPN, IPsec, PPTP. One cost policy that includes all modules, support and features.
VPN Office to Office and Client to Lan support.

1U UTM Firewall Appliance also available 
10 Users Firewall Appliance (1 Year License)

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