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Small Portable Bug Finder Portable Wireless HS-007

Small Portable Bug Finder Portable Wireless  HS-007
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Detector HS-007 Mini
"Advantage :

Clear light notification alarms.

Recommended for business customers, military, Government, public places and any site with privacy concerns.

Powerful and Ultra High Detection sensitivity for most precise location.

Easy to carry, light and portable.
Find and locate hidden tapping devices in the area you are in. Best and most advanced detector to discover hidden devices.

Detecting sensitivity: ≤0.05 mw
Working long range: 70 Db
Indicator: 10 clear LED lights
Battery: long powered 9V.
Size: Small easy to carry 120 * 62 * 22 mm
"Detecting frequency range: 1MHz-8000MHz
Main detecting frequency range: 25MHz-6000MHz "
Product no.: Small HS-007 Mini
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