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SecPoint® Portable Penetrator - LIGHT 1 Year WiFi MELON RTL8187L

SecPoint® Portable Penetrator - LIGHT 1 Year WiFi MELON RTL8187L
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SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ Light 1 Year with Melon RTL8187L Antenna PP2000 WiFi Antenna Bundle WiFi Cracking
WiFi Security, WPA, WPA2 Cracking!
1 Year with WiFi Adapter
Secure your WiFi network
Does include WiFi adapter and Antenna WiFi
Fast WPS cracking WPS cracker.

Professional WiFi Penetration Testing Software Suite

- SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ WiFi Password Recovery WiFi Cracking Software.
- WiFi Key Finder Recovery Suite.

Also features:
- Vulnerability Scanning , Pen Testing, Vulnerability Assessment
- 9 Vulnerability Scanning profiles.

Recover WiFi keys for:
- WiFi Security, WEP, WPA, WPA2 Cracking!
- Fast WPS cracking, WPS cracker, WPA cracking

Perfect as a consultant edition. Customize reporting with watermark, logo, name.

SecPoint® Portable Penetrator™ Light WiFi Adapter - WiFi Pen Testing

With 1 Year Subscription and Support Bundle including antenna.

WiFi Software Password Suite

Safety measures Recovery Software.
Expose WiFi Passwords coming from Access Points with regard to:
WEP WPA WPA2 WPS Encryption. Simply no experience necessary. An easy task to do.
Runs with Windows 7,8, 10 and Mac OS X.
Secure and audit your WiFi Encrypted network.
It contains clear solutions the way to fully secure your current WiFi network.
Online Download of Software application.
Product no.: SP-PP2000-SW-1YB-LIGHT-WIFI-MELON
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