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SecPoint® Portable Penetrator - Software Light Edition - 3 Years Renewal

SecPoint® Portable Penetrator - Software Light Edition -  3 Years Renewal
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Portable Penetrator Wifi Security Assessment Software - Light edition 1 IP PP2000 Renewal - 3 Years
Support, Software updates

SecPoint® Portable Penetrator 1IP PP2000 3 Years

Upgrade your SecPoint® Portable Penetrator Wifi Security Software

Keep your software Updated for 3 years

includes software updates.

Easily upgrade your software to the latest version and have the latest techniques.

Includes support as well.

Getting the latest WiFi Security WPA WPA2 Password recovery software.

You can install the update on your Windows 8.1 - Windows 8 - Windows 7, Linux or Mac OS X.

Easy to setup. Works with the Alfa Powerfully WiFi Antenna.

Perform the Key recover for WPA WPA2 Encrypted Networks and see if it is vulnerable to attack.
WPS Pin code brute force for vulnerable routers such as Dlink, linksys, Zyxel, TPlink and many others included as well.
Product no.: SP-PPLIGHT-3Y
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