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SecPoint Portable Penetrator - 1 IP Concurrent Scan License 1 Year Renewal

SecPoint Portable Penetrator - 1 IP Concurrent Scan License 1 Year Renewal
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SecPoint Portable Penetrator 1 IP PP1000 Renewal - 1 Year

SecPoint Portable Penetrator 1 IP PP2000 1 Year

WiFi password recuperation
alfa awus036h

WPA Breaking
WPA2 Cracking

WEP Splitting Identify Vulnerabilities.

A remedy to deal with the discovered vulnerabilities.

Automated Security Scanning

Online Download of Software.
Portable Penetrator comes entirely filled with IT Safety Penetration Examining.
It consists of
- Wifi cracking of WEP, WPA and WPA2 networks
- An overview the best ways to secure wifi networks.

- Vulnerability Scanner and Auditing
- Scheduled Vulnerability Scan so it may automatic browse your IPs.
- Full scanning of your local and public IPs.

- You have limitless browsing. So if you acquire an unit with 32 IP addresses you may alter them as much as you desire
The only constraint is that you may maximum browse 32 IP addresses at the same time. However you can change them as long as you desire
- User friendly data system that will show you browses contrasted by month so you can see in for instance May compared to April how the quantity of vulnerabilities are increasing or coming to be less.
- User friendly open PDF files with advised options for all found susceptibilities. You can modify the PDF as you want.
- Multi individual login help
- Dispersed bookkeeping. With Multiple home appliances you can connect them together and scan various places remotely.

You may do daily, monthly or weekly Security scanning.

More than 14 years of development in the IT Security scanning database.

It include greater than 60.000 + remote special checks.

Scan any operating system on your network.

#1 Vulnerability scanning and wifi password software.

Automatically PDF creation with customized reporting and recommended solutions.
Product no.: SP-PP2000-1-1Y
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