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SecPoint® Penetrator - Vulnerability Scanning Appliance

SecPoint® Penetrator™ Best #1 Vulnerability Scanning & Vulnerability

The SecPoint® Penetrator™ Vulnerability Scanning Appliance can help you to discover vulnerabilities on your local and public network.
Once the vulnerabilities are discovered the reports will show how to reproduce the vulnerabilities and how to resolve them.

Concurrent IP License explained:
Example with the appliance Penetrator if you have a 8 IP license and you put in 256 IPs.
Then it will queue the 256 IPs and scan concurrent 8 at a time until it finish the queue.
You can scan any local or public IPs.
And you can the next day put 512 IPs to scan and it is same principle it will queue the IPs then do 8 IPs at a time.
You are only limited by concurrent scans but you can do all the scans you want and change the IPs as much as you want.

 Best Cyber Security Scanner Software Appliance
Manager Software Appliances
Multi user support with individual login
SQL Injection - Blind SQL Injection
Cross Site Scripting XSS
Command Execution
Information Disclosure
1000+ WebShells

1U Vulnerability Scanning SecPoint® Penetrator™ Appliance Available

8 IP Vuln Scanning Appliance (1 Year License)

19+ Different scanning profiles.
Ticket system to easily manage the progress of the found vulnerabilities.
Discover vulnerabilities in Firewalls, Routers, Windows, Linux, MAC, Mobile devices, Printers and any device with an IP address.
Custom PDF reporting that allows logo and name integration.
Cloud support allows for individual user management.
Change languages in the reports and put your own customized text, watermark text and logo.
Professional PDF reporting. Different reports for management, technical and consultant.
No cost per scan. The only limitation in the license is how many concurrent scans can run at the same time.
You can add more IPs to scan then it will just queue them automatically until they all get scanned.

Utm firewall Appliance

vulnerability scanning SecPoint® Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner Brochure
vulnerability scanning SecPoint® Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner Datasheet

Reveal vulnerabilities across your network

Intuitive easy installation setup wizard no training needed.
Backdoor free operation - No data being collected -All stored locally at the customer site.

Scans both public and local IP addresses

User friendly easy to operation GUI interface.

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