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SecPoint® Penetrator S9 - SP-S9-UNL-SW-1YB

SecPoint® Penetrator S9 - SP-S9-UNL-SW-1YB
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Support for SP-S9-UNL-SW-1YB
SecPoint® Penetrator™
Renew your enterprise SecPoint® Penetrator™ with the UNL License with 1 Year Subscription support and updates.
In the update is included live chat, help center support and remote Teamviewer support.
Once the update is activated the SecPoint® Penetrator™ system will automatically activate no user interaction required.
In the update subscription is also included new feature requests, new features software development.
Easily upgrade a production environment without even rebooting.

Product no.: SP-S9-UNL-SW-1YB
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