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SecPoint Penetrator S9 - 4 IP Vuln Scanning Appliance SFF (1 Year License)

SecPoint Penetrator S9 - 4 IP Vuln Scanning Appliance SFF (1 Year License)
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  • Concurrent IP Address Vulnerability Scanning
  • Appliance Form Factor
  • 1 or 3 Year Support, Database & Firmware Updates
    SecPoint Penetrator 4 IP SFF Address Vulnerability Scanner Small Form Factor 64 Bit Appliance.

    SecPoint Penetrator 4 IP Appliance SFF

    The Penetrator Small Form Factor (SFF) can help you to scan your internal and remote networks for vulnerabilities.
    You can scan large ranges of IP addresses and reveal vulnerabilities that can allow remote attackers to break in.
    Find the vulnerabilities before break. The Penetrator can help you secure your and close your vulnerabilities.
    Monthly statistics can show the improvement of security on a monthly basis.

    The key features included are
  • Large daily updated database
  • Advanced scanning with 10 profiles
  • Easy to use GUI interface
  • Automatic easy scheduling of vulnerability scans
  • Notification on email about scan status
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment
  • High Speed SSD Solid State Drive included.
  • Scan local & public IPs.
  • SQL Injection, Blind SQL Injection
  • Command Execution, Information Disclosure
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Customize reporting with logo,name,watermark

    Connect it on your network and just power on.

    Within minutes you are online and can scan your network.
    You can scan both Local IPs and Public IPs for vulnerabilities.

    WiFi Adapter not included. Must be purchased separately for WiFi Pen testing functionality.

    The Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner comes fully loaded with IT Security Penetration Testing.
    It includes
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • 60.000+ Signatures
  • Vulnerability Scanning, Vulnerability Auditing
  • Scheduled Vulnerability Scanning, Vulnerability Auditing so it can automatic scan your IPs.
  • Discover vulnerabilities on your local and public systems easily.
  • You have unlimited scanning. Allowed to change IPs. No cost per scan.

    Discover your vulnerabilities on your network and get fix recommendation solutions in professional PDF reporting.

    It will scan your IPs no matter the system if it is Linux, Windows Mac OS X, Servers Routers and Firewalls.

    The software produces complete PDF reports with solutions how to resolve the vulnerabilities.
    Product no.: SP-S9-4-1YB-SFF
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