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SecPoint Cloud Penetrator S9 Vulnerability Scan of 1 IP 6M Static Scan License

SecPoint Cloud Penetrator S9 Vulnerability Scan of 1 IP 6M Static Scan License
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Concurrent IP Address Vulnerability Scanning
1 or 3 Year Support, Database & Firmware Updates

SecPoint® Cloud Penetrator™ Web Vulnerability Scan

SecPoint® Cloud Penetrator™ Web Vulnerability Scanner can help you to scan your website / web shop/ any public site for vulnerabilities.
Easily discover the vulnerabilities you have on your site.
This can range from simple information leak vulnerabilities until advanced SQL Injection vulnerabilities that allow the attackers to extract the entire SQL database remotely.

Scan your site or public IP you have for
  • 108,000+ Vulnerability Checks

  • 1,100+ Web Shells Detection

  • Data Leak Detection

  • Lethal Attack Technology

  • Command Execution

  • SQL Injection

  • Blind SQL Injection

  • Reflected XSS

  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

  • 19 Scanning profiles from Firewall, CMS, SCADA and more

  • Professional PDF, HTML & XML reporting with clear evidence & solutions to the found vulnerabilities

  • You can choose the amount of Fixed IPs you want to scan in your account

  • Easy to setup automatic Schedule scan

  • Notification by email when new vulnerabilities are discovered

  • SCADA & IoT

    cloud web vulnerability scanner

    You can do daily, monthly or once a week protection scans of your IP addresses.

    Conveniently scan your public IP addresses and find security holes.
    Professional reporting with remedies how to fix the identified safety threats.
    Once brand-new vulnerabilities are identified, arrangement arranged scanning and simple acquire alerted by email.
    Product no.: SP-CP-1IP-6M
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