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  TG-121A-pro: GSM900 GSM 1800 3G WIFI Bluetooth

   Wolvesfleet Jammer

vulnerability scanning Wifi Jammer Brochure

Download Wifi GSM Jammer Manual Here

RF Frequency: GSM /DCS / 3G / Wifi  
Output power : 2W 
Jamming Range: 10-20M ( based on signal strength )    
Make sure to check the legality to use this product in your country.

Please be advised that For individuals, Jammers are not legal to own in many countries.
Please check with your local laws and regulations before placing the order.
Even if you place an order, We will not be able to ship the Jammer and will have to provide a refund If it's forbidden to own a Jammer in your country.

We are only able to ship jammers to Government, Military and countries where it is legal to own one.
Advantage & Features
 1. High Power fan inside teh device for better cooling so that the system can continiuosly work 24/7.
2. Seperate switch for each band so that you can easily turn on/off each bands separately and without influencing other bands.
3. With easy to carry leather cover.

Good for:
Classrooms, a small lecture hall
  • Small Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms
  • Private Office
  • Army
  • Classrooms, a small lecture
  • Police
  • Buses and other vechiles
  • VIP Protection and other vulnerable to attack  

Wi-Fi GSM Jammer 

What is a Wireless GSM Jammer?

Wireless GSM jammer

is a portable device which is used for preventing the transmission of mobile signals to and from mobile phones. Wi-Fi GSM Jammers, thus, can block all of the calls.
Very often you run into individuals who ignore cell phone etiquettes and use mobile phones frequently at public places such as theatres, churches and libraries. This is why a portable device which can block mobile signals at these kinds of areas is used. This is just like blocking two-way radio signals visiting the phone.

How a Wi-Fi GSM Jammer Functions

Mobiles phones operate via a service network that is connected through cell towers. These towers are located at specific areas for providing service to smaller areas. Since a mobile phone moves between these areas, the towers continuously pass-off the signals. A GSM jammer transfers and/or disrupts signals on the same airwaves just like cell phones do. When activated, it disrupts the signal between the nearest tower and the cell phone. The frequency used by the cell phone and the jammer remains similar this is why it can effectively cancel the signals.
Wi-Fi GSM jammer temporarily disrupts signals towards cell phones within a specific area. There are three antennas installed inside a jammer which cover DCS, 3G and GSM networks. The basic job of the cell phone jammer is to send a wave bubble or may be a white-noise signal. Just like the cell phone you need to charge the Wi-Fi jammer for about an hour. The jammer will have to be connected so that it could be switched on. Once connected all the signals to the mobile will be blocked. All kinds of outgoing and incoming calls will be lost. As soon as the jammer is disconnected, the phone signals will be back again and calls will be received normally. It should be noted that when you connect the GSM jammer, you will not be able to make emergency calls.

Use of Wi-Fi GSM Jammers

The trend of using GSM jammers was instigated by military forces for disrupting calls between criminals and terrorists. Law enforcement officials also use jammers for stopping or controlling mobile phone communications during threatening situations. As the use of cell phones has spread almost everywhere, majority of people at public areas are growing tired of listening to conversations of other people. This is why municipalities often use GSM jammers in security-specific or restricted areas. Buildings, businesses, churches and offices also utilize GSM jammer devices, which usually are mounted on a ceiling or a wall. Jammers like these are usually placed in small metal boxes and are very inconspicuous. This makes use of cell phone impossible within the building’s premises.

Cons of Wi-Fi GSM Jammers

Mobile phone signal jammers can be termed as a hurdle because it infringes the rights of people who need to use their cell phone. It also disrupts the impact or functioning of pacemakers in patients’ hearts.

Wi-Fi GSM Jammer Range

Typically, GSM jammers range between 50 and 80feet, which means that only signals within the mentioned range, will be jammed or blocked. As soon as the mobile phone travels out of this range, the signals will return and communication will be resumed. Nowadays, Wi-Fi jammers have larger ranges as well which are usually associated with high power jammers.

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