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Anti-Tapping Signal Detector HS-007Plus

Professional Wireless Signal Detector
Discover hidden spy devices in your office easily.

Recommended Use for HS-007 Plus
Find hidden devices during business negotiations in meeting rooms
Find wireless hidden cameras in public toilets swimming pools, dressing rooms or restaurants, Coffee shops.
Use for military / police and find hidden devices
Protect government buildings
Find hidden photographers.
Protector home from invasion

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Scan range: 20-5000 Mhz
Sensitivity to -70 dBm
Range 60 db 1 dB
Working for 15 hours on battery in detecting mode.
Cellphone lock mode for 3 hours.
Cellphone frequency supported GSM 900 CDMA 2100 DCS and 1800 4g 800 3g 700 4g 2600
138*74* 23 mm

Unit weight: 154g

Anti-Tapping Devices

Anti-tapping devices are very important in this age and time because it helps you track those hidden devices that can easily leak important data, information and details. Anti-tapping devices are like the guardians of your information. There is every possibility that someone may bug your indoor or outdoor premises with some type of camera or listening device. This is called tapping or bugging your environment for retrieving personal information and footages. However, if you have installed anti-tapping devices beforehand then you can always check for hidden bugging devices in your room, cell phone or just about anywhere.

Scope of Anti-tapping Devices:

The scope and usage of anti-tapping devices is very diverse. You can use different types of appliances in all sizes and frequencies for securing your home, business kids and personal data. For protecting young ones, you can access their phone call logs, websites, text messages and social media posts easily. With devices created for cell phones, you can track your lost phone’s location, and start environmental recordings. If you need to secure your workplace and track the activities of your employees then there are special devices available. Majority of people use anti-tapping devices for ensuring voice security and thorough privacy on computers and cell phones. Therefore, the range and diversity in anti-tapping devices is phenomenal.

Bug Guard- a comprehensive anti-tapping device:

There is a huge range of anti-tapping equipment currently available in the market. For instance, Bug Guard is a device which if placed within the premises of your room or home and turned on, can easily identify if your place has been bugged. You can easily check and track hidden planted devices right away. Checking out such information is not an easy task as nowadays bugging devices have become highly advanced and difficult to locate. However, with powerful equipment like Bug Guard, the process becomes easy and effective.

Bug Guard’s functioning relies upon number system.

For instance, if the unit stops at 398.60 and stays at this number then it reveals that your room has a UHF type voice tapping device planted. Conversely, if the numbers on the device’s unit stops between 86.5 and 110, then it means there is some type of FM hearing device planted. If the numbers show a range between 900 and 2,400, then there must be a wireless video capturing device hidden in your room.

Bug Guard offers full peace of mind because you know that the important information is well-protected and guarded. This device is very useful especially if you are running a commercial enterprise. This device comes in portable form and is available in pocket size. Bug Guard is reliable, durable, effective and user-friendly.

Z-RO Bug:

It is another popular anti-tapping device which you can use for pinpointing any kind of bugging device that has been planted in your home/office. It is a sophisticated, portable and compact device which can easily track hidden voice and video capturing devices whether these are wired or wireless. Debugging every act of spying was never this much easy as it has been made by Z-RO BUG.
It has a unique pinpointing system which indicates tapped equipment in your premises through alarm, sound and/or vibration. The louder the noise and the higher the frequency of vibration, the closer the bugging device would be. It is definitely a very practical device because there is no numbering system involved and can easily be used as it fits in your pocket.

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