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Anti Tapping Unit Privacy HS-007 Pro

Anti Tapping Unit Privacy HS-007 Pro
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Portable Wireless Signal Detector HS-007 Pro
"Advantage :

1.Precise operation find wireless sources.
2. Vibration silent modes, Guard modes.
3.Discover phones sending outgoing SMS.
4.Discover devices in any kind of environment.
5.Very light at 145grams only.
6.High Performance Lithium Battery with min 1 hour operation.

"Detection sensitivity: -70dBm
Dynamic Range: 70dB
Working Mode: 6 types
High Sensitivity 60db 1 dB options.
Al level display range 10dB, LED indicator"
Size: 136*80*25mm Device weight: 145g
"Detecting frequency range: 20-5000MHz
Interference frequency: GSM 900/CDMA 850/GSM 1800&1900/3G 2100
Interference Range : 10M "

Included in the package, Battery, AC power, Device, Headset with volume adjustable

Product no.: Anti Tapping Device HS-007 Pro
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