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Anti Tapping Handheld for Privacy Protection

Anti Tapping Handheld for Privacy Protection
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Anti-Tapping Handheld--- Portable Wireless

Download Manual Here

Most powerful Anti Tapping HS-007 Plus from the biggest vendor of military anti tapping devices.

Anti Tapping devices are typically used by Police, Government, Military and Corporations for maximum security.

Signal Detector HS-007Plus Find hidden bugs in your office.

Secure the confidentiality in your location.

Protect yourself from eavesdropping and people spying on you.

Check for wireless cameras in your car, restaurant, hotel or in public areas such as, swimming pools, dressing rooms, schools, toilets.
Find out and be sure not to be watched.

Protect confidential buildings for military business and government offices.

Avoid being photographed, Prevent a headshot.

Protect your right to privacy in public areas.

Guard your personal privacy when you are at home make sure no tapping devices or cameras are installed.

Protect company secrets not being leaked out.

Prevent your vehicles from being tracked.

Fast world delivery with tracking number.

Shipping by the major shipping companies such as DHL / EMS / UPS / Fedex

Download Anti Tapping Manual Here

Powerful lithium battery, ultra sensitivity to detect hidden bugs and other spying devices.
Ranges from 20-5000 MHz supported.
High precision sensitivity from -70 dBm to 70 Dm.
40 days standby time.
15 hours Locker mode 3 hours.
Display range resolution 1 dB
6 operation modes.
Only 154g weight for easy transport.
Cellphone range up to 10 Meters.
Support frequency: 4G 2600 / 3G 700 / 4G 800/ PCS 1800 / CDMA 2100 / GSM 900

AC, Battery, Headset included.

Product no.: Anti Tapping Device HS-007 Plus
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