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Anti Tapping for Privacy Protection

Anti Tapping for Privacy Protection
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Multi-Function Handheld Digital Frequency

Powerful handheld device for Countering Wideband Pocket RF Bug Detector

Anti Tapping for Privacy Protection

The device is for High End Professional Edition HS-C3000 Plus
It features:
LCD display for easy navigation.
It can find any digital & analog signals that are hidden.
It can see the strength of RF Signals sound and light vibration.
Comes with a powerful 6 hours Lithium battery
It will show battery status in LCD
It support full band antenna and option to change adapter

Find hidden Wireless recording devices that are setup to steal information

The C3000-Plus device is strong at finding secret handheld wireless devices used for videotaping in door or out door.
It can find devices even if they are hidden in clothes , coffee mugs, books, clothes, buttons or in the cement wall.

It can also find devices that use of Cell phone signal.
Supported 0-10 GMHz wireless signals.
Search in 10-3000 MHz wireless signals.
Easily find & Discover hidden radio that is digital, car keys that send a signal, 2.4 GHz wireless cameras, wireless Microphones, WiFi & WMAX.

Frequency Range 10 MHz to 3 GHz
Detect Cell phone bands

United States
LTE CDMA 2000 LTE 2300 Wifi 2400

WiFi 2400 LTE 2600 GSM 1800

It can easily be deployed
for Conference rooms, hotels, meetings rooms, schools, boss office, shopping malls dressing room, police, Business operations.


Comes with a LCD Display Easy navigation keys.
Find digital to analog signals.
LED Shows battery status.

Tech Specs
10 KHz digi signal, 1 KHz Analog.
10 MHz to 3 GHz.
Sensitvity at -35 dBm max input 15 dBm.
Covers popular bands such as
GSM 900, 1800 WCDMA 2000, LTE 800, LTRE 2600 WiFi 2400
2400 LTE
700 CDA

800 GSM
1900 CDMA
2000 LTE
2300 WiFi
0-10 GHz frequency detection
-65dBm sensitivity

Product no.: Anti Tapping Device High End Professional Edition HS C3000 Plus
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